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About Us

Atvantic was founded on a disruptive idea: to put the members at center of enterprise software. We still deliver the best idea every day. Atvantic is a technology-driven software development and service company focuses on research and development which develops various complete and customizable end-to-end solutions or applications (Apps) related to various domains.

Atvantic has an excellent answer to all queries related to technical requirements. Hence, we are one-stop solutions to all walks of life namely Social, Technical and Industrial. The company products and services are open for global access and use across multiple domains.


The vision of Atvantic Technologies is ‘Apps that serve mankind.’ The company believes that serving humanity is the ultimate. Hence there would be a ceaseless need for innovation irrespective of the time frame to cater to his needs and convenience.

The mission of Atvantic technologies is “Technology Redefined for Life”. Though there are many technological solutions believes, functions and executes varied services with the under-current principle of “Commerce with Morality”. There by an Atvantic technology is very keen to assure 100% of its mission by redefining technology to suit our current scenario and serve mankind.


1. Customer: We always think about the impact on our customers. We offer the best quality and service to provide innovative solutions.
2. People: We treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect to communicate openly, honestly and promptly. And we prioritize safety.
3. Quality: We strive for quality in everything and what we do for continuous Growth.
4. Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of integrity and always try to do the right thing.
Software development company in Bangalore
Software development company in Bangalore
Software development company in Bangalore